Digital & Corporate

From blogs to books, I’ve written it all. Here’s a sampling of digital and corporate projects I have designed, researched, written and project-managed.


Small business operations and finance for the Kabbage blog,  2017  Kabbage Blog 2017

Home selling and related trends, for the blog from 2014 – 2017

Personal finance for U.S. News & World Report’s finance and investment channel, including these timely articles: USNews 5 Ways to Invest in LGBT Rights for Great Returns – US News USNews 5 Ways Active Managers Steer Mutual Funds Effectively – US News USNew 9 Money Faux Pas to Avoid at Holiday Gatherings – US News USNews – Why 2 Percent Is the New 4 Percent for Investors – US News

Nationwide’s “In the the Nation” consumer lifestyle and finance channel, including these helpful posts:  Nationwide – Safety Tips for the Holidays Nationwide – Your Guide to Creating a Home Inventory List Nationwide – Insurance Tips: What’s Truly Valuable in Your House?

“Money Matters Monday” brought readers smart strategies for managing their investment in their homes, like these classic posts:5 improvements that aren’t BobVila Jan ‘13 BV – FHA Financing for Renovations – Bob Vila BV – How To: (Really) Win a Bidding War – Bob Vila BV – Put an Appraiser on your Remodeling Team – Bob’s Blogs

Women Drivers ran at (now defunct) Bnet in 2010 and 2011, and lives on in the archives of CBS Moneywatch.

I showed cost-conscious home sellers how to sell their homes on their own through the blog, from June 2010 through February 21, 2012.

Interactive Content is transforming residential real estate with a new, hybrid model that enables homeowners to DIY their sale and save thousands of dollars in home equity. I collaborated with executives and the tech team on content strategy, execution, graphic development, writing, editing and production. That included writing the scripts for videos that explain how the service works and producing this white paper, ROI Power USRealty for investors in single-family home portfolios.

When Tribune Digital decided to expand from simply listing job postings offering a full-fledged recruiting service, I wrote engaging copy for the launch of the new operation’s website.  Progenuity copy ranged from snappy headlines to useful tips for both employers and job seekers, ensuring that everyone who comes to the site finds content that meets their needs.

The housing market is in a state of confusion, which means that homeowners can’t rely on the usual sources to figure out how much their homes are worth. I designed, wrote, and project-managed this Pricing Guide to help homeowners figure what their homes are worth.  The Pricing Guide was cited by national media as a uniquely useful tool for home buyers and sellers.

Entrepreneurs crave news they can use – and smart companies use content marketing to give business owners relevant information. This piece for the Equifax is a great example of authoritative content that shows clients and potential clients that Equifax understands their business concerns. Starting a Small Business by Franchising: Five Questions to Ask | Equifax Finance Blog

Reports & White Papers

Need to position your company as a thought leader? I can help you do that!

SAGE, the academic publisher, has launched an online business library of reports on current business topics and trends. As I researched and wrote this February, 2016 report on meetings  (Meetings – SAGE Business – Cleaver .compressed ) I learned that it’s really true: we meet, therefore we are. And in this October, 2016 report on advancing women to the C-suite, it’s clear that culture is the determining factor. Download the report here:

Precise Advertising Transforms Possibilities into Priorities into Purchases,  for digital advertising agency AdTaxi : Ad-Taxi- Precise Advertising 2015

Action Plan for Newspapers brought Ebyline’s message of operational efficiency to newspaper executives.

On the Record shows how women are the ‘secret weapon’ for getting an organizational message out through media interviews.