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June 2017- Chief Investment Officer- Litigation Investment-min– June, 2017, CIO

Due Diligence Is Not Corporate Wallpaper – April, 2017 CIO April 2017 Due Diligence is Not Corporate Wallpaper

Arthritis Today

Everyday Hacks June 2017 Arthritis Today

Blockchain Increasingly Looks Like a Solution to Identity Fraud, April 3, 2018, or download the story here: Blockchain Increasingly Looks Like a Solution to Identity Fraud | ThirtyK

Time for Companies to Connect with their CPA Firms about Blockchain’s Impact, March 15, 2018  Or download the story here: ThirtyK Time for Companies to Connect With Their CPA Firms About Blockchain’s Impact | ThirtyK

Fast Track to Skyrocketing Real Estate Prices: The New Public Transit Effect,, July 5, 2017

Craft Industry Alliance

Happiness, Delivered: Subscription Boxes Offer New Channel for Growing Revenues and Customers – February 13, 2018  Craft Industry Alliance Subscription Boxes Feb 2018

Modern Arts Patronage: How a New Era of Creatives are Asking Fans for Financial Wiggle Room – June 6, 2017 Craft Industry Alliance – June 2017 Modern Arts Patronage: How a New Era of Creatives are Asking Fans for Financial Wiggle Room – Craft Industry Alliance

Cultivating Museum Stores as Retail Outlets – – April 25, 2017 Selling Handmade Crafts in Museum Stores – Craft Industry Alliance

How to Vet Instructors — March 28, 2017 Best Practices for Vetting Craft Instructors – Craft Industry Alliance


AARP Bulletin – Preventing Senior Fraud – AARP Bulletin – FIghting Fraud — April 2017

AARP  Bulletin — Caregiving Policy — aarp-wisconsin-care-act-nov-2016

AARP Bulletin  — Dementia Toolkit Helps Caregivers

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune 2-6-18 Here’s how to negotiate when buying a home.  

Or download the story: Chicago Tribune 2-7-18 Here’s how to negotiate when buying a home. (Spoiler alert: It’s not like on HGTV.) – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune 11-1-17 Local investors partner up to take real estate plunge — and turn a profit – Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune 5-15-16 Say ‘yes’ to the dress and ‘no’ to the debt – Chicago Tribune Chicago Tribune 5-15-16 Wedding budget tips – Chicago Tribune

C200 Pioneering Execs – 7/30/2003

Square D profile – 11/8/99

Chicago Tribune Doll Devotion Annual Sale Of American Girl Dolls, Doll Furniture And Accessories Attracts A Zealous Crowd Of Shoppers | The Spokesman-Review – October 1995

SAGE Business Researcher

Women in Management – SAGE Business Researcher.compressed – October 2016

SAGE Women Still Lag in Tech Fields – SAGE Business Researcher – October 2016

Subaru’s Drive magazine

Subaru Drive – Main Stay Therapeutic Farm Helps Kids Find Little Triumphs – September 2015

Exceptional – the EY magazine

Pritzker profile – July 2015

American Quilt Retailer

Hiring Staff Who Will Grow With You – April 2015

Remodeling Magazine

2014 Fred Case Award Winner: Bill Simone | Remodeling | Award Winners  

July 2014

Creative Living

Setting Course — Spring 2011

Milwaukee magazine

Super Savers — January 2010

Sweet Spots – Milwaukee Magazine April 2009 – April 2009

Reader’s Digest

13 Things Your Home Remodeler Won’t Tell You — 7/2009

PINK Magazine

PINK’s Top 15 Women in Business: The Innovators — 3/2008

PINK’s Top Women Business Owners 2007 — Nov-Dec 2007

Inc. Magazine

How to Find Funds in a Credit Crunch: Hint: It Takes Persistence — 10/2008

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Playing for Peeps — 4/12/2009

Walking the Tightrope — 11/18/2007

Ornament Shop’s New Route to the Old World Bypasses China — 12/24/2006

Extra touches are nice but can topple a budget: Craftsmanship comes at a cost that may not be repaid — 11/26/2006

Finding right workers is a skill: Keeping craftsmen also a challenge — 11/26/2006

Opening the door to craftsmanship: Success of the project hinges on precise attention to detail — 11/26/2006


Entrepreneur – What Women Want | Business – February, 2004

Crain’s Chicago Business

Experience on Display – 1/26/98

Marketing News

Marketer, promote thyself  – 4/12/99

Ground Zero: Marketing, IT, battle over Web site control – 8/31/98

The Midas touch – Celebs try hand at building brands – 6/8/98

Advertising Age

Good Old DAD | American Demographics – AdAge/American Demographics – 6/1/99

Internet Retailer profile – 3/99